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Product Management

Product Management

I am experienced in various product management positions, ranging from very technical, to mostly marketing/business oriented. And I feel comfortable in both ends of the spectrum.

I started out doing product management for third party products, and was then asked fill in an EMEA product mgt role. Although I worked for the European marketing division, it was a very technical position. From there on I moved on to various different product management positions that were mostly software related.

What I like about product management is that fact that you are the spider in the web of all activities. I enjoy working in that space between technology and business/commerce: I can use my technical knowledge and my strong interest in technology, but also apply my commercial/marketing experience in order to create value for companies!
What is more interesting that creating a product and making that product succesful?

Below are a number of organizations where I acted as product manager:


Verantwoordelijk voor de productontwikkeling van het QNH DMS/RMA product. Hiertoe stuur ik een team aan van mensen die software bouwen, support leveren en projecten doen. Ik ben in deze rol erg hands-on op het gebied van product management: maken specificaties, uitwerken proposities, aansturing van het ontwikkelteam, etc.
Het door ons gebouwde product worden momenteel vooral bij gemeenten ingezet, waarbij we de afgelopen 4 jaar een sterke groei hebben gerealiseerd. Bij deze gemeenten heb ik ook vaak de rol van Architect om digitale samenwerking te verbeteren, het nieuwe werken te ondersteunen en portalen op te zetten.

tpex-smallVideo communication & Telepresence services in the Benelux, including a public Telepresence offering.
NetDialogsmallI was responsible for NetX, the leading SaaS solution for Application Delivery Monitoring, Reporting and Optimization


glidepath-smallResponsible for the European product management activities, which included all managed datacenter services.


acriter-smallWithin Acriter I was responsible for all product management and marketing of the BMS solution. This SaaS solution was one of the first of it’s kind.


Legent-smallLegent was one of the major mainframe software corporations. When they started selling their ‘open systems’ products, I became EMEA product manager for their Paradigm/XP solution (service management software).

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